Tlos Ancient City

Tlos Ancient City

Tlos, the oldest city of the Lycian region dating back to before 2000 B.C is well known as the place where the mythological flying horse Pegasus lived. Found on the east side of the Xanthos Valley, Tlos is a village which has a mix of Lycian sarcophagi, houses and temple like tombs cut out of the rock face. The influence of many cultures upon Tlos has resulted in an interesting collage of structures. Tlos is about 4 kilometres from Saklikent and most tour operators offer a visit to Tlos and Saklikent as one day trip.

Under the Romans, Tlos which was also a major Lycian City, was described as “the very brilliant metropolis of the Lycian nation” and was eventually inhabited by Turks during the Ottoman Empire who continued to occupy it right up until the 19th century. In 1838 Charles Fellows and explorer Spratt said of Tlos "a grander site for a great city could scarcely have been selected in all Lycia".

Yaka village now co-exists with Tlos amidst very pretty scenery as indeed is the surrounding area and villages.

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