All confirmed bookings have a limited duration determined by the dates selected during the reservation procedure and for a determined number of guests that in no case will exceed the maximum legal occupancy of the booked property.

All users accept and expressly agree to submit to the general terms and conditions regarding duration, number of guests, descriptions, photos, furniture and furnishing exposed in this website or that from the agency they had made their booking through.

Bed linen, a set of bath towels and one beach towel will be provided for each registered guest and is included in the total price.

All bookings are linked to a security deposit of variable amount depending on the booked property.
Cancellations notified at least 62 days prior to arrival date will incur a penalization of 30% of the total amount.

Cancellations that are notified between 61 and 42 days prior to arrival date will incur a penalization of 50% of the total amount.

Cancellations notified with less than 41 days prior to arrival date will incur a penalization of 100% of the total amount.
Compliance with the Property Rules and Civic Responsibility is mandatory for all customers staying in our properties.

Since most of our villas are located in residential areas, they are subject to the municipal regulations. Behavior against the local ordinances and law may be penalized with fines by the Police in answer to neighbor complaints. Anyone in violation of these regulations may be required to leave the property within a maximum 24 hours.

Security deposits beside the purpose to cover for any eventual breakages or damages in the property shall also be withhold -in full or partially- in the event of the violation of the property rules listed below to cover for damages due to breach of agreement.

- The use of the property as a celebration venue is forbidden.
- Access to property is exclusive for registered guests. Unregistered guests are not allowed in.
- The use of music devices is forbidden.
- It is forbidden to hang clothing or towels in a way that is visible from outside the property.
- Jumping from balconies, over walls or over fences to access or leave the property is forbidden.
- Before departure all garbage must be thrown away, using the corresponding bins located in the street. Kitchen gadgets and equipment must be left clean and placed back in their corresponding cupboards.
- Loss or misplacement of keys incur a 100€ surcharge.
- The management is allowed to access the property at any time for ordinary maintenance purposes or to check its general condition. Garden and pool maintenance is undertaken by our own staff on a regular basis. They will always be properly identified as team members and will access the property with their own spare key.
- It is mandatory to complete and sign the following forms provided by the agency:
- Check-in form; signed by the person who made the booking.
- Spanish National Police Registration Sheet; signed by each registered guest.
- Property Rules Form; signed by the person who made the booking.
- Customers agree to comply the local ordinances, the General Law for Tourism and the Regulation of Citizen Security of the Ministry for Home Affairs of Spain.
Bookings are only valid when processed by someone who is of legal age, that is at least 18 years old. In the event of no members of a group being of legal age, booking must be made by a responsible adult. An authorization form needs to be completed and handed in whenever this responsible adult is not travelling and staying with the group.
In compliance with the current Law of Citizen Security of the Ministry for Home Affairs of Spain all guests must provide adequate proof of their identity. Agencies are responsible for data collection. Hence, a copy of a valid identity document -either National Identity Card or Passport- might be requested and shall be provided before the deadline date. Refusal to provide these details will result in the cancellation of the booking.
Self-check in means that customers will be able to gain access to the house by using a keybox located at the entrance of the property.

To open the keybox customers will need to insert a previously provided code that can be found within their Check in information. Once all digits are properly aligned, the front cover of the keybox will loosen and keys of the house can be found inside the box. A proper use of the keybox procures safe unrestricted access to the house for all members of a same group regardless of the number of sets of keys provided. It is vital that the code is cleared after each use of the keybox to prevent strangers from learning the code as this would make it insecure to use it.

In the event of any problem to get the keys, customers will be able to contact our team in the emergency phone number (+3333333) working on a 24 hours/7 days basis.

Whenever an incident, breakage or damage is detected when first checking-in the property that has not been caused by any member of the group, we kindly request customers to report it to our team via email or WhatsApp within the first 24 hours of their stay in the house. We highly recommend that pictures are taken and attached to their message. Although we work hard to avoid these situations, we understand properties can contain damaged objects and/or breakages due to regular use by different customers. Our team will offer customers proper assistance to have the informed incidences solved as soon as possible.
Self-check-out means that customers leave the property without prior property inspection. On departure day customers are requested to leave the property at the regular time (10:00h/10am) unless they have previously booked a Late check out Service. When ready to depart all sets of keys are to be left inside the house on the living room table except for one set which should be used to lock all doors and has to be placed back inside the security keybox at the entrance of the property. Security key box code is to be cleared so that the key is no longer accessible. Property is to be left properly closed with all doors and windows shut and securely locked whenever possible. We recommend that the electricity meter reading is checked and a picture is taken if desired.

Property inspection will be undertaken by the same cleaning team that cleaned the house before your arrival. The team knows the property perfectly and they thoroughly register any damaged item before your arrival. Hence, they are the best suited team members to record new breakages/damages after departure. Once the departure property inspection report is signed with no incidences detected, security deposits are processed for devolution.
We provide our customers with a telephone helpline working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on the phone +3333333. This service is offered for those situations requiring urgent attention. If not a matter of urgency, customers will be requested to use conventional communication channels (email or phone call during office working hours).
Even though we do everything feasible to reassure the perfect state of our properties and the proper operation of everything it contains, in the event of an incident during your stay our maintenance team will do their best to solve the problem as soon as possible. We are available on the Emergency phone (+34 679 999 647) working on a 24/7 basis for issues that require urgent attention out of office hours [FAQ 2.8] or via conventional communication channels (email or phone call) during office working hours.


Each booking is linked to a security deposit of variable amount depending on the booked property.

This deposit shall act as security for any eventual damages or breakages caused by the clients during their stay, to cover for any extra expenses related to supplies overconsumption and to cover any kind of fines, penalties or claims due to the infringement of the local ordinances and/or property civic rules.

Regular payment method shall be via bank transfer being this payment due at least 60 days prior to arrival date. For bookings confirmed with less than 60 days in advance, security deposit is to be transferred along with all other booking payments. Credit card payment is not accepted as a valid payment method for security deposits.

Security deposits are refunded after departure within a maximum 7 working days after departure. Devolution shall be processed via bank transfer to a previously informed bank account number.

Refuse of the obligation to pay the security deposit amount is a serious breach of contract and therefore might lead to the booking cancellation and termination of the contract.
All bookings are burden with a mandatory cleaning fee of variable amount depending on the booked property. This fee ensures the property is handed over in adequate sanitary and livability conditions while it exempts the client of having to clean up after themselves once their stay is over. Nonetheless, minimum cleanliness standards are demanded to all customers upon departure, including:

- All kitchen gadgets and equipment (pans, cutlery, flatware, glassware, etc.) are to be left clean and placed back in their corresponding cupboards.
- No garbage or waste is to be left inside the property. Clients are responsible to discard all generated trash. Trash and recycling items (Bottles and cans, boxes, paper, plastics) are to be taken out the property and dropped in the corresponding bins located in the street.
Failure to fulfill these basic requirements might be economically penalized.
In accordance with the Law on “Tax for touristic stays in the Balearic Islands and measures to drive sustainable tourism” this tax is to be levied to all bookings (Law 2/2016 of March 30th; Decree Number 35/2016 of June 23rd).

Tax amount is based on the number of customers aged 16 years or over and nights of stay.
An allowance of 145 kWh of electric consumption - approximately 50€ - is included for each booking. Any consumption over this included amount will be assumed by the client at a rate of 0,35€ per consumed kWh.

This is a sustainable measure promoting responsible consumption among our clients.

The main electric overconsumption factor is a misuse of the air conditioning systems, being the most common: using a/c systems while doors and /or windows are wide open, keeping a/c systems turned on unnecessarily, setting temperatures too low or too high, among others.

During low season - when heating systems might be necessary - a total 50€ of supplies’ consumption will be included for each booking independently of the supply being electric or non-electric. Non-electric heating systems can use gas, gas oil or propane as the source of combustion depending on the installation type in the property. Any exceeding amount over the first 50€ will be assumed by the customer.

There is an electricity meter reading in every property -either indoors or outdoors- that customers are welcome to check anytime to keep track on their own electricity consumption. Location of this electricity meter is shown in the house plan that you will find inside the property and can also be requested to our staff. We recommend registering the initial reading on arrival to the property and the final reading on departure, taking pictures of the meter if you wish to.
Security deposits are refunded via bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the client. Devolution will take place within a maximum 7 working days after check out date whenever no incidences are detected during property inspection. In the event of breakages or damages in the property, they will need to be valued and the amount needed to repair or replace the damages/breakages will be directly deducted from the Security deposit. Likewise, whenever the agency receives sufficient notification of the breach of the property and civic rules security deposits could be withhold until it is verified whether it has led to any administrative penalty and the sum. Notification shall always be sufficient where there is a Police report, there are repeated complaints of neighbors, the breach of rules is directly informed via our staff or there is graphic evidence (pictures, video).

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